Mateusz Szczypiński – Visual Artist

Born in 1984 in Piekary Śląskie. In 2009 he graduated from History of Art at Jagiellonian University and in 2012 from Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Represented by gallery lokal_30 from Warsaw. Live and work in Cracow.

Mateusz Szczypiński(…)picked up collage to face the eternal question what is art/painting today, and what are their limits. He borrow from quotations and individual pieces that entered the pop culture vocabulary. He refer to the period preceding the postmodernism, where a piece of art enjoyed a specific standing, while an artist was approached as a genius or demiurge. He explores interrelations between the sacred and the profane; a copy and an original – what these mean in the contemporary culture where their borders are obliterated, with ever present reproduction, a copy of a copy, and the contact with an original is of second importance.



-Please, Fill out the Form, Widna Gallery, Kraków, 2017
-Paper-stone-scissors- lokal_30, Warszawa, 2016 (with Monika Powalisz)
Dust in the eyeGaleria Dwie Lewe Ręce, Katowice, 2015
Entertainment, Galeria -1, Warszawa
Our Matters, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, 2014(with Benjamin Bronni)
Our Matters, lokal_30, Warszawa, 2014 (with Benjamin Bronni)
Natural Hypertrophy, Centrum Kultury Katowice, Katowice, 2013
Demolition, BGSW, Słupsk, 2013
Can You Shave? lokal_30 Gallery, Warszawa, 2012



-Scattered Rhymes, XY Gallery, Olomouc, 2018
-ART in ART-MOCAK, Kraków 2017
-Krew-Werk-Fundacja Galerii Foksal, Warszawa, 2016
Contemporary Art From Poland, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, 2016
Artist from Krakow, MOCAK, Kraków, 2015
#Reading Lesson, ArtStations Foundation, Poznań, 2015
Palindrom,PGS, Sopot,2015
I Fell Nothing, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow,2014
Whats the ART for? MOCAK, Cracow, 2013
Collage Now, Kordegarda, Warsaw, 2013
Tribute To Robakowski, lokal_30 Gallery, Warsaw, 2013
New Opening, new Begin, lokal_30 Gallery, Warsaw, 2013
Compass of the Young Art, Olympic Centre, Warsaw2012
Best diplomas Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Palace of Arts, Cracow, 2012
New Look, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow, 2011
Message, Cellar Gallery, Cracow 2011
Moon Hostel and The Movies, Manhattan Gallery, Łódź, 2010
Multimedia Szajna Art Festival, Rzeszow, 2010
Festival Artenalia , Old Butchery, Poznań,2010